Your Motivation Needs Training


Motivation is a crucial part of any athlete. So, it is important that you do not lose it during a competition and, for that, you can train it.

We can think that motivation works like a muscle. What I mean by this? That you can use it very well for a while but, if you are not trained, as the minutes pass it starts to run out.

Train motivation

If you have to hold tension for a very long time, and you need your motivation to sustain you, it is important to train it so that it does not get tired quickly.

For this reason, it is recommended that in practice or in the gym, routines are created with exercises that involve competencies. , to train tension and competitiveness.

Prevent your motivation from falling when you are competing

If you go directly to the competition without having trained with pressure and tension before, between the nerves and the tiredness of the moment of the game, it is very likely that your motivation will begin to decline.

However, if you come to the trained competition not only in the physical but mentally, you will be able to sustain your concentration and your motivation much longer. And that’s probably what makes the difference.


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