Do you feel evaluated all the time?


Many times, athletes feel that the fact of feeling evaluated does not let them perform as they would like. But then, who are the ones who evaluate the most? Parents? Coach? The companions? The sportsfans?

Delivering good results in exchange for the support of others

Feeling that others expect good results from you makes you develop the fantasy that you have to give them a tribute in honor of their company and support. But that tribute is the results, and in this way, you begin to feel a lot of pressure to perform satisfactorily.

The result is for the crowd

When the result is not good, you live a hard time because the fans will not understand it. But, as a player, you have to endure not being understood. You have to be patient and remember that you are building the game.

As much as people want you to put the ball, it is preferable that you build a game neat little by little.

Avoid being so aware of others

In that we can advance in two ways. One has to do with thinking more about one and being a little more autonomous.

The second implies being clear that all the people around you want you to win for you, not for them. They consider that you are not just a result, but that you appreciate and value exactly the same, win or lose.

Rafa Beltrán


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