Players with too much enthusiasm or self-demanding may have a harmful and disruptive behaviour. The coach must have the ability to see these things to capitalize them instead of living them as a provocation. Focus on the origin of this overwhelming and contradictory trend to make the player see this and understand the adverse effects of their behaviour.

Talented player’s minds are active, stable and consistent. This way they are difficult to shape but they are able to make sustainable evolution gradually.

Convictions give stability. However, it is essential to be flexible to change things while the confidence is kept. Potential lies on the flexibility provided by the combination of high and hard convictions and the listening capacity. Stubborn players do not listen to anyone, even when this is the key to any improvement. They insists on doing something that is proved that doesn´t work. The convictions, excellence, expectations and hard work, cannot lead us to feel “failure cannot happen to me.”

Usually, the character of these talented players is uncontrollable and severe at the beginning of their career: they loss the focus on the game and burst with anger, breaking everything quite often. Their lack of concentration spoils their talented performance in each shot. They can lose incredible matches with inferior rivals. But with a suitable process, they can make a drift in their career; changing their attitude radically and trying to control all the steps of the “mental game.”

The ability to simplify everything empowers the player. This is kind of players blindly believe in this golden rules. These people take all the advantage of simplicity. The fidelity to these rules is what gives power to the coherence of their mental systems. But sometimes some issues can be understood and managed outside of those rules; they are complex issues that need to be understood in their complexity. It is not the same to be simple as basic. The complex never ceases to be complex, but a simple mind knows what to do with the complex and respects it as such. The mind that functions as an airtight box can be very efficient but very difficult to optimize because it cannot enter to operate on it.

High-performance people are usually seen as difficult persons. Great players have an intense mind with deep convictions that only focus on their ideas, reason why they can look like difficult people. But they are not like that; even they are hard to understand the greatness of their personalities. The difficulties in understanding them are due to their high level of originality and autonomy and by the strength of some variables they handle.

It is not the same to train domestic canines than wild felines.


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