Is your Profile Tactical or Strategic?


There are players who have an impeccable technique. They can prance, make a smart pass, anticipate the defense and stand in the right place on the court to make the goal. There are other players, on the other hand, who go a little further. They are those who, in addition to having an excellent technical management, stop the ball. They raise their heads. They put the game together They look to the sides, see and anticipate what the other team is doing and move around looking for free space to filter into the area. There are two profiles: the tactical and the strategic.

The tactician is the one who grabs the ball in the middle of the court and runs at full speed for the area. The strategic one is located within a game system. He looks for the pass, he can play backwards and when he has a clear path, he makes the explosive run to look for the goal. There is a difference between running in a straight line throughout the game and making a change of pace. How does Messi play?

It is common for the tactician to work alone, isolated. Because he believes that what he does is “correct”, he does not question it and does not seek to change it. The risk of this is that, if there are no changes, nothing changes. And if nothing changes, there is no growth. The strategic one is aware of the enormous value that synergy has. He knows that the magic of a single player does not win the game. It is in contact with the other, in the exchange of ideas and in the crossing of perspectives where growth can explode.

It is likely that the tactician, to relax, choose explosive and physical activities that help him to get rid of the anxiety and the state of trouble in which he usually is. The adrenaline. A more strategic profile, on the other hand, does not relax with the discharge but rather with expansive activities such as yoga, meditation and breathing.

Stop. Reflect. Build a strategy Validate that strategy on a day-to-day basis. Put it in dialogue with other people. Research. Look for new ways of doing things. Check your own ideas if we see that they do not work anymore. All these are attitudes of a strategic profile that is more complete and prepared to maintain sustainable growth. Of course, strategic skills can be learned and refined, and letting yourself be helped and advised is the first big step to do so.

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