Solitude: Do you Feel that you Depend on the Results?


Behind the frustration, the anger, the fear and the nerves, there is a dark fantasy that sustains all this: the experience of loneliness. It is a feeling of helplessness and abandonment, where I think that if I do not achieve the results, I will be left alone.

I begin to relate to others from the results, and the situation becomes increasingly terrifying. It feels like every time we go deeper into a cave until we forget the way to go back.

To get out of there, it is important to contact us with reality. It can be a person or anything that is in the outside world. That guarantees that all fears begin to color with friendlier tones. The aromas, the grass, the trees, the own body and even the corporal pain as a record of something real, can take us out of that place. And it is just that contact with the bodily sensation, which is used in relaxation exercises, meditation, breathing and yoga.

Rafa Beltrán

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