Simplifying the Game


The concentration can be defined as the state in which the strategy prevails over the results.

Whatever happens, get the blow as it comes out, I will persist in my strategy, throughout the game, no matter what happens.

If things did not work out they will be out, but do not change strategy in the middle of the game. We build ourselves as players giving shape to the strategy, not because of what happens in this shot or not.

The first result is to defend and stabilize the strategy. If by modifying a blow, you modify your strategy, your game will be increasingly complex and untamable, and therefore unstable.


If after the hit we tortured ourselves saying, I should have done this or this one, and why I did not do this or that, we are going to give permanent changes of rudder to the strategy of blow that we had raised before playing.

Eventually, you have to moderate the changes, with thoughts of the type … “a little more of this, or of this other”, but do not make changes of 180 degrees.


The technical work was done in practice, alone or with the coach, at that time we think and correct everything that needs to be done, but at the time of hitting in the warm-up and in the competition, it is important to trust that the work you did is good fact, and that now in the coup, it is not time to think.

If the work is still not reflected in the result of the hit, calm, patience, the important thing is that when hitting do not shoot thousands of thoughts to correct. Everything that had to be thought was already thought, now to play!


The repetitive, the routine, the stable, the monotonous, by nature seem boring, but it is the essence of simplicity, the automatic of the hit, which is what gives it stability.

Many times we fall into the intellectual temptation to improve ourselves more and more, to innovate, to create new things, and we forget that this can end in a permanent modification of the game itself.

If learning is just modification and more modification, it teaches us anything but the simplicity and stability we are looking for. The vocation of improvement should not forget to not attempt against simplicity.

In the target shooting, the weapon is 100% automatic, it always does the same, and the variable is in the marksmanship of the shooter. In golf, you are the shooter and the weapon at the same time, so the challenge is to make the blow as automatic, repetitive and stable as possible, so that the only variable that comes into play is to aim at the hole or target to be.


In practice the focus is on the expectation of body movement, on what we do, on how we do it, with more intensity than the result, but in the competition, the mind inverts that focus and focuses on the expectation of the result.

It is imperceptible but this imbalance means that the gap between practice and competition widens, generating more problems for us.

The objective is that the competition is more like the practice than the inverse one. That is to say that in the competition, beyond the mental work of connection with the objective, the focus is on the sensation of the hit movement.


We need a simple game so that all the mental energy is focused on the conviction that the ball will go where we imagine it will go, and after the blow to quickly process the gap between the imagined and the real, and start over.


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