Sport is an experience of self-improvement. It is an individual and internal experience that helps to surpass themselves.

Each game is a situation to overcome that releases a shot of adrenaline. It is in the self-improvement where the motivation appears, that is, the desire.

At the heart of the motivation is the protagonist, who is an attitude of care, of taking responsibility, developing the ownership of your or another destiny.

When a player believes that overcoming each situation is not possible, it gets paralyzed. Under these circumstances, passion is lost generating impotence.

In order to surpass any situation, the others approval must be left behind. The player must give it´s best performance and focus must be put on the game, not on the result.

It is not about being the best one, but the best one can be.

The player can have two objectives: to achieve a positive result or make their best game to improve themselves.

The success in the game implies surpassing the individual capacity and not the triumph over the opponent. Defeating the rival is a characteristic of the result and not of the game.

It is necessary to distinguish the unsatisfied non-conformist player from the one that aspires to more. The first one lives on the edge of frustration; the second one is still excited looking forward to the next step of its working progress. For that, it is essential to see what was achieved and what is missing. Achievements and reached evolution must be considered as a fundamental source of stimulation to move forward.

Nothing that is judging you if you are doing it right or wrong is fun. f. In other words only if you are in the riddle, in an active task of creating, understanding, learning or finding something that exceeds. Within the value judgment only plays the fear of losing, and that will affect the loss of desire.

When you feel the game, you will see how the spontaneity, the enjoyment, and the naturalness flow in your best version


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