Do you solve the Mental with the Technical?


As a professional golfer, you recognize that the limit of your game is in the mental factor, but to improve it you focus on technical matters.

We agree that technically the first 100 players in the world are almost equal. Making the difference will depend on the possibility that you have to put into play that technical capacity in the competition, mentally. If in the game you do not perform as in practice, it is difficult for you to find the solution to practice more, you know that there is no secret.

It is true that the technical part is easier to understand and control than the mental part. And surely imagine the mental as a kuko with a thousand unmanageable variables. But even if it is complex and with many elements, it suits you to face it and solve it, understand it and learn it.

It is a job for which the sports psychologist can help you, starting with knowing you more and developing your confidence. You can also design unique strategies according to how your mind works, managing emotions to find the level of connection with the goal. That state or feeling that enables all your experience and technical potential to be put into play. It is a pity that your technique and energy are blocked by the mental aspect.

That’s what it’s about, the mental is what allows your technique to come into play. Do not be afraid of the mental, even if it seems to you an unknown and uncontrollable world, it is exciting, full of opportunities and resources, and if you understand it you will be really the owner of yourself and your game.

Rafael Beltrán


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