Being relaxed is not just being isolated or alone. It can be confusing not only for the outlooker but for the player itself. When the player feels isolated not only prefers to be alone but also show other behaviors such as getting easily angry or frustrated.

Relaxation is the harmony between the mind and the body. You can get it if you focus on the small body perceptions and quiet the mind

In the relaxation process, the impulse is released. During this process, the intellectual dynamic and a clear potential emerge. This enables you to see the opportunities and solve problems. Finding relaxation in sports is what more encourages the capabilities to increase.

Relaxation is necessary for quiet reflection, which leads to the need for a real internal change and proposes to think differently. The excess of information disables the relaxation process, which implies just feeling. This way, aware of what you are sensing, feeling, leaving your thoughts behind on the background.

An intense burst of energy is not a relaxation. When we release energy, such as going for a run or kicking a box bag, we do not relax; we discharge tensions and let the energy scape.

Enjoying the training and the match is a sign of being relaxed, when we pay full attention to what’s going on each situation

It is crucial to provide quiet spaces to relax; this provides the tools to keep a clear mind and find peace. Relaxation techniques are the means think in an efficient way.

Moreover it is very important to take into account the difference between being relaxed and being indifferent. Even though both states could look alike, because they imply going off alone, they are completely different. Being indifferent also includes other behaviors such as getting angry and frustrated. Therefore being indifferent is like an inauthentic relaxation that can confuse everyone, even the onlookers or the player themselves.

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