The Coach Facing Player Reactions


The reactions of the players, even if they are not appropriate, must flow during the competition. They can only be worked on in training.

In a team sport, the coach can make the decision to replace a player who has bad reactions. On the other hand, in an individual sport, the coach is an assistant, a player’s collaborator. In that case, the coach does not have the authority to decide on the athlete.

During a competition, the coach can not challenge players for how they react. It can only contain them, giving them the reason, because, after all, the players do not voluntarily choose their way of reacting.

The reactions are a shock. They appear for something that happens to the players internally. Then, if the coach gets angry or asks them not to act like that, the players can only react worse. After the competition, the coach does have to talk to the players to start working on those reactions.

Rafa Beltrán

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