What to do when you see a possible error


What happens when a player expresses that in his head he saw a bad result before hitting? If you know that there is a possibility of error, do you get it out of your head, or do you go through it, solve it and then try to hit it?

Thinking about avoiding a “bad” hit

It may happen that, even though the player focuses on visualizing the shot in a positive way, he still has negative thoughts. Then, he will begin to think that he “is not going to make a bad shot” instead of focusing on making a good one. Maybe you can solve the shot satisfactorily, but it is the thought that precedes it that now has our attention.

¿What is done in front of negative thinking?

It is not an easy subject, and I could think of two ways to face that situation. On the one hand, taking out the negative thoughts of rennet focusing on visualizing the good, is an option, but the risk is to deny something that is in your head and that then this act from a dark place. The other option is to accept what we are thinking, go through it and continue it: “Here I shoot and surely goes wrong” and then go through the option we want and visualize it. The negative of this is that it seems that we give entity to the bad, we give it to eat. The positive is that we do not deny anything. You have to see what works best for each one, personally I like the second one a little more.

Confidence vs. possibility of error

On the other hand, I express that it is a sensitive issue because sometimes we confuse confidence with denying the possibility of error. And denying is heavy. Once a player told me “it leaves me calm to see that there is a possibility that I can miss it.” One puts that pressure because to err is a possibility and as one does not support it, it puts more emphasis on doing the things well. Then, expectations and demands affect him.

Pressure and possibility of error

There is much more pressure in a putter of three meters than if you know you can err, but you have to learn that in all shots there is the possibility of error.

When you play well, you pack it, the bogey does not scare you, it is not a pressure, then you can bear a mistake. In turn, the mistake may not touch you, not dislodge you, it may not touch your core, your essence. It can be left out of a powerful mind. If an error touches your essence implies that impotence seized you.

Negative thoughts from past experiences

It may happen that the player, from his past experiences, sees a pattern and can not leave it. In turn, you can focus your game on escaping from that.

If there is a danger that is related to your pattern it is difficult to get that negative thought out. These negative thoughts do not appear because they are based on past experiences.

How can you work on negative thoughts?

You can make them disappear, for example, focus on a ball flight that you can repeat. You have to try to make a practice simpler, more competitive, but based on constant things. We have to work on the inertia of those negative thoughts that creep in, to make routine take it out of thoughts.

However, think less in the technical and more in something that one can repeat can be contradictory, because although in that repetition there is inertia, the player today just bases his distrust on repeating something bad. It is to think.

Over time the player thought that he had to do the swing in a certain way so as not to err otherwise. Then all his technique is not armed to do well, but not to do it wrong. Therefore, every time he erra looking for something new.

The repetition that helps to take out the negative thoughts has to be intelligent. Otherwise, it would be like repeating the same mistakes and having a mess in the corrections.


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