It is no easy to solve a behavioural problem; the fact that you should resolve an issue does not mean that you can. People often do not solve things that they were supposed to do but because they do not know how to solve them. Or maybe they want to, but they cannot change it. You just try to solve the issues you can; otherwise, you have to wait, just identifying the problem is a crucial step.

In a learning process the players don’t obey the coaches but understand them. They should be able to ask the coach any explanation. The player is the owner of their game and not the puppet of a coach. Otherwise, the golfer loses resources for fear that he won’t meet the coach’s expectations. The protagonist role is achieved by letting know the players that the game belongs to them.

Golfers´ self-recognition, in their body and mind, allow them the autonomy to tell the coach how far they expect to go.

When something is not understood a merge of enthusiasm with self-demandingness arises, which could lead to a harmful and disruptive behavior. This is solved by involving the whole team in order to understand what happened.

To optimize the contribution of the entire team member requires a genuine integration. Therefore, they all must feel part of the group and know the role they have in the implementation of the designed strategy.

Even though there are many players, the coach´s message must be address individually because otherwise it does not reach anyone and confuses the players. Each golfer has individual characteristics and unique styles. The coach must try to understand its players and to set objectives without changing their nature. He has to be able to recognize their ability and inspire them to acquire the skills to reach their peak performance the required ability, according to what the players are.

The player can work on the psychological issues with the psychologist, but also with the coach and the caddie, especially during the game. They all must know how to support him. The golfer commitment level is proportional to how they feel understood by the different members of their team and their environment.

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