The Magic of “The Other” in Sports


“If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go accompanied” (African proverb)

When ideas merge, the synergy necessary for growth is created. It is not easy, to reach an agreement with other thoughts is a permanent and challenging exercise. It applies to all areas of life, including sports. In a solid strategy, the ideas of the players are integrated with the work plan of the coach.

The possibility of letting someone see something that maybe we are not able to see is one of the magical achievements of the other. When autonomy is confused with self-sufficiency, the gaze of the other becomes a threat, but true independence includes a healthy bond, with clear limits, with others.

Synergy means helping and being helped, but it is common for a high performance mind to have strong convictions and tend to close in them, so the challenge is to maintain the beliefs without denying the other, that can adjust them and even enrich them. At the end of the day, we all have the deep expectation of being understood by others.

A comprehensive support

Many talented players want others to adapt to them and that can be annoying, unfair or offensive to those around them. If we understand, appreciate and appreciate the support of our environment, our sports career can take off at a higher level. The opinion or advice of the other, whether the coach, our friends, family or acquaintances, adds to our performance in sports and our social life. It makes us, as players, more socially adjusted beings, which is a bit difficult to achieve when we dedicate a lot of time to competition and sometimes we get dizzy with the destructive harangue of the rostrum instead of growing with the valuable encouragement of people who bet on our increase.

Those who accompany the player can offer a positive stimulus to give the best of himself, process frustration and build an offensive game, which is the most rewarding option for the athlete.

An opening towards the other and toward society

In addition, being able to embrace the other allows the player to feel with all his being the power of reciprocity and gratitude and leads him to worry about the welfare of those around him. Undoubtedly, the openness to the other (whatever it may be, and in its proper measure and with discretion) is a benefit for oneself and for others.


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