The Ability to Forget to be able to Succeed


Many times we hear that in life it is good to leave the past behind and live looking forward. Many aspects are true, and this idea does not escape the world of sports, where it is much more difficult to put into practice because we tend to be very result-oriented and sometimes we do not take into account some mental and emotional aspects that come into play and affect it.

When a high performance sportsman makes a mistake, or loses, his mind automatically deletes it from the fault log and then he is ready to take advantage of the next opportunity. He left the past behind and focused on what is to come. This removes a heavy backpack from his shoulders and gives him ease, freshness and mental clarity to continue, strong, in the competition.

Forgetting allows you to have an unlimited reserve of perseverance and prevents you from getting caught up in frustration, because if you stay Engaged in the defeat or failure that you have just made, it is likely that bitter “rest” will affect you and lead you to anticipate a future error (the famous self-fulfilling prophecy).

If the mind settles in the future it will not be affected by any present contingency because it knows that the game will continuously offer a new opportunity.

Losing and winning

As it is advisable that we forget defeats, it is also good that we erase the victories, because that can also generate an internal conflict. If a golfer does not let go of what he has won in the past, he will be extremely worried about the next competition. A player who feels the need to win again will be overwhelmed by the pressure and will be afraid to lose.

A boxer once explained it very well: “After winning that fight, I realized that it was useful for nothing, I took a shower, I got dressed and went back to work the next day”.


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