The game is a mental contest in two ways. Psychologically speaking this battle means making a self-improvement because you compete with yourself. On the other hand, the game includes tension between yourself and your opponent, until the mental consistency of one of the two breaks.

In the competition, there is a mental confrontation between the opponents based on who is more focused on the game and who is focus on the result. This is captured intuitively by who is involved psychologically in the game. The one who knows how to cope with the situation when things go wrong makes the difference. This player that can handle the mistakes will defeat the rival Consisting players demolish their opponents, even if it is not reflected in the scoreboard.

When there is no stable mental state a situation that could be easily solved can turn into a disaster.

By trying to make the most out of this demanding contest, focus can be lost due to the compelling pressure. These circumstances can make the player play not naturally because they could get paralyzed by the invasion of contradictory external forces.

There is a triple tension between the result of the game, the game, and the mind. The tension of the result occurs when a player or team wins, and the other loses. The game tension is related to the moment where you can see clearly who is playing technically better, that is independent of the result. Finally, the mental stress is what points out the difference of the game´s quality; the player can be losing, but they could still be in an optimal mental state. This state does not depend on the result, but the internal process of a stable mentally, playing better in the long term.

Sometimes sportsmen are playing at their peak performance, but they are not having a good time, they are suffering. They have to realize why this is happening.

There is a mental confrontation based on how much time the player can maintain the image of “I can do it” against the “I can’t do it.” “I can do it” is the belief generated by the experience of being able, by the perception of the own abilities, and on the optimistic vision of the possibility of obtaining achievements.

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