Make it simple


The strategy of the court is different from the strategy of the coup. The one of field is thought with time to define it, instead the one of blow aims just to not think, to obtain that in the moment of the impact, the instinctively and connected body, is stripped of all type of thought that can disturb it. through thought it has the property of separating from the body, and it is the opposite of what the blow needs; that is why thinking of the coup, implies a disconnection.

The mind when hitting has to be connected to the body with a mental sensation, an intuition, not a thought. The optimal hit is simple and basic, not complex or disturbed by thoughts.

When hitting, you must trust that all past thoughts and all the technical work that was done are integrated into the body. And if we feel that they are not, because we see that the blow did not go as we wanted, it is not advisable to build a sea of ​​thoughts during the competition; the moment of thinking is in practice, which can be much more technical.

It is like taking the car to the garage, there it is opened, it is dismantled and we work to fix it and improve it, but when we go to the garage to use the car , if we find the mechanic and the car unarmed, – which is what happens when we think about the coup -, we will not be able to use the car and we will be wrong. To be able to use the car it has to be armed. Then the objective of the blow is to reach the simplicity of not thinking, and this can also be trained.

Any strategy is valid to fulfill this objective. A recommendable one is to be able to repeat a positive mantra or a phrase that you can trust and paste automatically when the sentence is finished without leaving space for any thought.

We can be scared of the automatic word but behind automatic is the concept of internalized shock. This phrase is just an example of a coup strategy, each one has to develop their own, as long as it works well.

This strategy must be built, stabilized and then defended to trust it at the time of the results and not to let the results shake and break the strategy. Why or send the strategy, which leaves us in the place of the attempt or sends the result, which destroys any strategy.


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