The magical thought is a sign of immaturity. Confidence that does not contemplate the possibility of failure is a characteristic of magical thinking. Before shot, one of the things to think about before is: “what if it goes wrong?” Or “if we lose, what do we do?” It is scary to contemplate this possibility, but it is a real alternative. Thinking of it releases the tension and helps to play better and to process in a better way a defeat or a failure. It is not pessimism or lack of confidence; it is realism, which is the basis of authentic trust.

Focusing on the result encourages magical thinking. It is the fantasy that without capacity and strategy things will go well, as a result of a magical gift. It is the same temptation of the gambling addict, who believes that has magical powers to control fate.

The temptation of following an irrational impulse when our mind tells us that is not going to work is part of a magical thought.

Confer good results to luck is something positive, but it is not right to do that with negatives but not to assign them to auto-disqualified. In this case is better to see negative things as something that can happen and just move on.

Denial is a kind of magic thought. It is necessary to check which ones are the real issues that must be explored, without creating problems that don’t exist.

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