The Mental in Golf: Wait for the “Sacred Fire”


We usually think and say that in sports the mental is almost the most important or that it has a fundamental incidence. Especially in golf. But, is this really the way the athlete lives?

In general, golfers, even professionals, when they go out to play, have a mental strategy linked to chance, which looks like: “let’s see what happens”; “I hope today is inspired”; “I hope things happen.” Then, the mental is restricted to if we were lucky enough to receive the “sacred fire”.

If it is the case, we will make a great turn and fate, no; and we will have to wait for another round to appear. What we do not understand or that is outside our control field, we attribute to luck, to that which we do not control.

If we understood it, it could be within our control field, but while it’s outside, it’s luck. Understanding we can have a mental strategy, a strategic planning of how we should position our mind and make that “sacred fire” appear at will.


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