The Sensation: Conviction vs. Doubt


The optimal state of confidence in the hit is seen in the level of conviction, in the degree of determination that is threatened by the state of doubt, which generates fear. That is, either we doubt or we are convinced; if we doubt, we are still thinking about whether our option is right or wrong; If we are convinced, we could determine completely in a decision.

By hitting without conviction, beyond the result, which can be good, you do not learn. On the contrary, we only doubt more and more, and enter into endless questions.

Thinking too much

To think too much to try to do the right thing, generates more doubts and questions, and this perfectionism can play havoc with the player, because the mind gets stressed by asking questions, seeing that there would always be the possibility of doing it better.

Doubt is a question whereas conviction is an affirmation.

The formal logic of the questions that leads to doubt must give way to intuition, which is a synthesis that leads to conviction. Intuition is a meaning thought, a thought with sensation, a thought where the rational and the emotional connect.

The formal logic leads to doubt and therefore does not lead to the sensation, the one who doubts does not get to feel; On the other hand, arranging to look for the sensation leads to intuition.

The sensation is enjoyed, felt, forces you to be in the present. We can think of the past or the future, but we can only feel in the present. When you find the sensation you feel satisfaction and joy.

Excess of variables

The number of variables to be considered will define the number of questions and doubts. The excess of variables to consider mark that are missing embody many of them in the game. By incorporating these variables are resolved spontaneously and intuitively, and not as questions.

Some by nature have a simple game, which does not analyze more variables than it can process, others have a complex game that becomes elaborate and twisted. It is advisable to look for the sensation, because it obliges us to simplify, it is necessary to intuit.

The routine, the protocol, the system should aim to lower the level of doubts more and more, and increase the level of determination or conviction. Some, for example, once they have decided what they are going to do, automatically repeat what they are going to do to maintain their conviction and not expose themselves to doubt.

Rafa Beltrán


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