The Strength of Being Advised


The biggest cost we experience is always to change one’s opinion. It takes a great strength to be open to consider the contribution of others. If we look back, we will be able to discover that in the key moments in which we grew up, we had someone who helped us see things in a different way.

The ability to be advised by others promotes synergy, which is always productive and enriching. When we receive an advice we trust and we are able to build a bond that allows a valuable exchange of information.

By accepting the contribution of a counselor, we transcend self-sufficiency and stubbornness, which are usually the worst counselors.

Being able to listen to the suggestions of another does not mean blindly obey what that other tells us, but an invitation to think with more assertiveness and depth. This opening gives us the opportunity to consider, compare and evaluate what we think and open the game to generate a space of joint thought. It helps us see the best opportunities.

By allowing us to listen to the perspectives and contributions of a valid other, we discover that, far from being a cost, it is the best investment. This ability to be advised is the most notable common factor of those who become successful.

Although many times we see them with a halo of arrogance, behind that apparent pedantry there is a humble being who knows how to take advantage of the wealth of the council. This does not mean that they have let themselves be the ones who make the decisions, but they do it considering not only the own variables but also those of their advisors.

We are open to seek advice in difficult times or explicit conflict. But it is advisable to let yourself be advised in good times and in bad times: to resolve what we are doing wrong and also to deepen what we are doing well.


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