Invincible Players


Invincible is not the one who escapes death but who can die. Winning is a right that only those who are willing to lose have. You are ready to win when you are ready to lose.

An invincible player is not the one who never loses, but the one who is not afraid to lose and finds his maximum satisfaction in giving with his whole being. You can risk everything, including victory, because you are convinced that the essential is to be true to yourself, your ability, your confidence and your game system.

The invincible athlete is willing to give everything because he knows that, if it is not in that opportunity, it will be in the next, that sooner or later he will achieve what he is looking for. These types of athletes have a mind made of steel. Therefore, they do not focus on immediate gains but on finding the consistency to be immutable in the face of adversity.

It is common for many athletes to have the attitude and the thought that they have to be willing to do anything for the result and say phrases like “we have to win” or “we can not lose”. These ideas are harmful to the player’s mind and to the construction of a solid game. The most healthy thing is to forget the immediate numbers and aspire to have a strong identity that brings us closer to a sustainable victory.

The process, not the goal

The invincibility is to be able to surrender to the process of overcoming, not to the desperation of reaching a specific goal. That you do not mind losing does not mean you lose interest in winning. Simply, that you do not feel the charge of the voltage, the pressure to win. In this way, you improve all your abilities.

That you have a great volume of game, that you are an elite player, that you have a marked natural condition that makes you superior on a technical level or that you are younger than others, that you die of wanting to win … none of that is going to make invincible if you do not see yourself willing to lose.

The only thing that is truly going to make you invincible is your connection with yourself, your own motivation and your friendship with defeat.



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