Watching a player with the skills developed gives us the impression that was born like that because we do not know the process and the commitment they had to make to build them up. The belief that to achieve the high performance we need to be born with a special gift is an obstacle in the player’s development. If it is not inborn any attempt is in vain, is a constraint that blocks the possibility of evolution of the golfer.

You can learn and grow beyond what was genetically received. You are not born as a champion or as a genius. You can change into one with continuous work and constant attempts to improve yourself.

This way the focus should be on your learning capacity, on what you are building yourself, and proving yourself what you’re made of, not whether you win or lose, you are much more than a result.

The biological bases cannot be denied, but an arduous work of the potential’s development must be done. The first step is getting out of the focus on what we receive innately.

If this improvement comes from the conviction that this limit is beaten with one’s work and it does not arise from an innate gift of magic, we will eliminate the frustration and will see positive results.

The environment helps us to see our gifts because is not easy to perceive them by oneself. It is useful to ask others what they think, in order to detect strengths in an objectively way.

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