Inevitability of the Vision


Many times, players who are in the highest positions are convinced that they are great and unbeatable in their sport. Every time they make a move they are sure of the way the ball is going to come out because they fully trust in their abilities.

Maybe this thought rubs the megalomaniac thought. But, nevertheless, it would be a positive thought because that is precisely what allows them to fight in adversity. When things do not go as they would like, because they are sure of their abilities, they do not hesitate. The thought that, beyond the results, they are good players, makes them persevere.

Now, in that conviction that everything is going to turn out well, is it possible that there is magical thinking? Maybe yes. And what happens when the player is training as a professional and has doubts? It may be that one as a sports psychologist tries to analyze the situation in depth or perhaps he can also try to make the person learn not to doubt, to create that attitude. Is it possible to mentalize arbitrarily? Hold that conviction? Believe that you can just because, without looking for any explanation or justification?


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