The skills are decisive for the game. The skills are commonly thought as innate, and for that reason, nobody works them. People only work in the technique. To acquired skills is needed a lot of practice, persistence, effort, and intense training.

Each skill has its technical and mental aspects. Sports psychology helps the coaches in the psychological aspects of the individual skill, with suitable exercises. The psychologist must know the core skills of each sport to work them from the mental area. The psychology of individual skills is a specialization that requires a particular dedication and focus.

For example, balance is the central issue in some kinds of sports, whereas strength, resistance, individual ability or group coordination is primary in others. Knowing this aspect allows the psychologist to develop the right exercises. It is necessary to decode the individual’s skills to make an evaluation and work with the team.

The coach must inspire the golfer to reach the skill level. It is the trainer´s job to recognize the abilities of each of its players to make them more intense o lower, depending on their characteristics. It is the responsibility of the coach that the players are aware of the acquisition of their abilities. Without this information, the players are counterproductive. Those that were not gotten naturally must be developed.

To develop individual skills, the golfer must be in a state of inner calm, relaxation, confidence, and control of its movements. It is not possible to acquire this ability by playing with nerves of steel and at a speed that would prevent register what is going on in the environment and themselves.

Some can function as closed capsules after the compilation process of theories, ideas and emotions; they do not perform as the sum of parts, but as the result of something gathered.

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