Become responsible for your game


After making a shot, either in a competition or in a training, a player can say: “went out for that side” or “came out fade”. Instead, I could say: “I threw it for that side” or “I threw fade”.

In the same way it happened in school when one said, “I got a ten” and “they put me one”.

Take responsibility for the shot

It is better to learn to take responsibility for the shot that went wrong to be the true protagonist of the change. This is what allows then, what went wrong, to come out better. I’m talking about a change of thinking “I do not know how it’s going to come out” to “I do not know how I’m going to hit”.

Self-knowledge serves to overcome

The player is responsible for his self-knowledge. He is responsible for knowing what things bother him and, more than that, knowing why they bother him.

Saying what situations bother you, because you have the right to be bothered by anything, is not aligned with self-knowledge and self-improvement. Not knowing why something bothers you leaves blind spaces in the mind, which will have an inevitable impact on the game.

Developing a game system motivates you to carry on

The athlete is responsible for a game system and a process. This can be felt as something aspirational, in the sense that the development of the process and the game system inspires the player and motivates him to continue, beyond the momentary results.

Regardless of what is happening in each moment, the player can feel that he trusts in his process and in the ideas he is developing.

Rafa Beltrán


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