Did you Hit a Bad Shot or are you a Bad Player?


During the competition you can feel many things, but maybe you ever felt that the results define everything in your life, even how you are.

That is why the questions that appear are:

When do you play, do things or do you have those things that you do? Did you make a hit or are you hit?

The answer implies that, however much you hit with your being, the result will always be what you did, not what you are.

Do not insult yourself for a bad hit

If after the blow you believe that you are your blow, and not that the blow only marks a result, it is dangerous. This is noticeable when, after the blow, the player insults himself, does not disqualify the blow but himself. He says “I’m an idiot” instead of saying “what a horrible shot!”

Differentiate your shot and your results of what you are

Insulting the shot is not good, because it is a sign that the shot was not resolved before hitting him. But the worst thing is that by a bad shot you get to the point of affecting the player in your being, if he believes it is your results.

The important thing is that you do not believe that you are your results. The results are external to you and simply speak of you.


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