In this material, there are no magic formulas, but concepts, ideas and conclusions generated in sessions with sportsmen. It describes the basis of the psychology of performance applied to sport. Sport psychology as a discipline within psychology, seeks to make human actions effective.

Sports performance is a consequence of mental health; this highlights the relationship between clinical psychology and sports psychology. To feel better we must act better, and we must reconsider which of our actions are causing poor performance.

The psychology of sport allows us to question and analyze things that we take for natural. Even if we are convinced in our thoughts we must review them if don’t fit with our expectation; this is the work of psychology.

Profound aspects not easy to know affect performance. The golfer psychology not just involves their play but all their behavior.

The psychology technique detects and makes visible the causes of the performance. It is not a method focused on past actions but a logic that analyzes the phenomena in their consequences and provides the golfer and their coaches an anticipatory criterion; this allows avoiding those practices that negatively affect performance and discover and repeat actions voluntarily with positive impact.

Although these concepts arise from concrete cases, where each has a particular reality, with unique characteristics, in them are contained the principles of mental performance applied to golf. Each one can apply these principles to their specific reality to understand the tactics and strategy that will allow them to achieve the goals that are proposed. Playing sports is an internal and individual experience, which need discipline and passion.

We consider the role of sports psychology and counseling, as well as concepts about situations that arise before a competition, during and after it. Each chapter sheds light on the performance. Because the specific contexts and the different dimensions, some could be seen contradictories.

These latest advances in golf psychology help the awareness to obtain higher performance and enjoyment.

This content is dedicated to all my clients who shared their stories to rethink and try to improve, to turn their dreams into visions, to unlock their originality and initiatives and to develop their potential. I hope you enjoy it and it will be of benefit to you. The comments, questions, contributions, and questions can be sent to


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