Golden Rules of the Sportsman


Many times it is not just about having thousands of concepts, techniques or exercises to improve. Sometimes the challenge is to know which is the most convenient for each particular situation, that is, know how to prioritize and convert those priorities, in the key of the game.

If one continues adding variables without an order to the system, it inevitably collapses.

It can happen that those minds that are simple have more facility to find the important variables, instead of continuing adding elements that create confusion.

These people who have few ideas, and although they may not be so good, respect them strictly. On the other hand, there are people with more complex minds who, despite having many ideas, are unable to prioritize.

I believe that the last ones are the ones that are most capable of success, because in the end, even if you have a lot of information, when you know how to prioritize, the mind becomes simpler.

The best player is one that has better quality and clarity in few ideas or rules that are prioritized, and that become their golden rules.

Therefore, we must be careful in adding too many ideas to the golfer’s head, especially if they are not ordered.

On the other hand, that someone has their golden rules does not mean that you know them or that you are 100% aware of them, surely some of them being insensitive, are embodied and are more intense. In any case, being aware of them allows them to be enhanced, modified and perfected.


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