The game that builds a statistic dilutes the tension of each stroke or hole to center it in a projection that leads to a relaxed and stable game.

By focusing on the averages the mind understands the game, which has a statistical nature. The focus on the result of each stroke or hole destroys the game. That’s why we conquer an average, not a result.

While all sports or human activities are traversed by statistics, in golf that reality becomes even more evident, and at the same time it is one where it is easier to see that it is not a matter of statistics.

The concept of handicap is the manifestation that the statistics are going to be fulfilled. The handicap indicates that beyond what happens in each hole, when the round ends, with a small dispersion, beyond the good or bad shots, when the round is finished … we will be in the usual average.

This statistic or average is constructed with technique and mind. But more with the mind who in his constant search for stability, needs that the game does not move away from the imagined average, then it will be in charge of putting everything in its place and that the game ends within the statistical margin.

The power of a player arises from his statistics of hits rather than his hits.


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