Stakes: Ensure your Intermediate Objectives


Just as the mountaineer climbs the side of a mountain by placing stakes to tie his harness, it is important that the player, as he builds or develops his game, can build safe steps and then look for more. The stake would imply that in the game one is able to find the pair. Then you can move forward to look for the birdie, but without sacrificing the pair.

If you go in search of the birdie without having insurance the pair, you play all or nothing. That is why it is recommended that, just as a version of a book is closed, certain objectives can be reached and safely achieved. Do not just look at the final goal.

It is important to stop to consolidate and internalize the intermediate objectives, as if they were stakes. In this way if one recoils, the fall is not so violent because it only descends to where one was safe. In terms of the game, if this does not happen you end up looking for technical band-aids, that is, trying to technically improve what goes wrong.

Because the technique is always improvable, it is difficult to feel that you are ready or that you have reached something. Therefore, put short goals that can be fulfilled in the short term. Affirm certain small objectives. This allows you to see if the changes made are correct or not, because you can see progress or setbacks.



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