Understanding How I Am


Just as the mechanic, even before observing the engine of a car stops a moment to listen to the sounds it makes, it is very beneficial when a player develops his ear to perceive his mental states. During the game, not only is it a continuous doing, but stop to feel how this one can help us a lot.

To sharpen the listening, first I have to understand what is the optimal mental state I want to reach. So considering this, I observe how I am in this day, I compare it with that state and I think what changes are necessary.

As an athlete, instead of asking what you did or what I am doing, ask yourself: How am I? However, it is not easy to arrive at this question, because one is used to reviewing what you are doing to arrive at the results and there is no habit of thinking about how I am at that moment. That is, as a sports psychologist, I appeal to the goal, rather than improving golf, that the player can understand their emotions, so that once this happens, can handle them.

Rafa Beltrán


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