Anger or Frustration


If you got angry it’s because you inevitably found yourself in a frustration, that awful feeling of lonely impotence. Although this seems very emotional, that frustration has to do with a fairly rational fact, because of the fact that you do not understand what is happening.

Why, if things should be like this, are they not? Why should not this person, who should do this, do it? The logical chain that breaks with what he imagined would happen is not understood. The background experience is simply I DO NOT UNDERSTAND !!!

And what is the solution? it is simple, it is the openness to learning, to understand what is not understood, to handle it, to get out of the magical thought that guaranteed you already knew what you did not know, and that everything was going to work as you had anticipated. There were more variables than you imagined, the situation was more complex, so the more you resist … the more you get angry. 

That in practice the shot goes out and in the competition does not mean understanding the complexity of the game and the mental and its influence on the tension of the competition.

When we get angry we are faced with the impotence of not understanding, and we can choose to shut ourselves up in more anger or open ourselves to the possibility of understanding and for this you will probably need enough humility to open up for someone else to help you.



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