The enjoyment must be lived and feeling before the shot, after that only remains the ungrateful result

Finding golf attractive requires understanding most of the performance’s variables and enjoyment is the first one.

The primary objective is enjoying your game. Instead, enjoyment is a feeling that emerges from your inside, not the other way. This is the reason why we enjoy when we are the only people that judge ourselves or when we do not have the feeling of being judged by others.

You have to enjoy and get focused at the same time. This means you need to have fun without forgetting about your responsibilities. You can laugh without being disconnected from the game. It is crucial that the coach ensure this.

Enjoyment should not be associated with a lack of concentration. On the contrary, it must be associated with the result of the highest motivation. The golfer that is happy and laughs during the competition is not necessary thinking about something else. Contrary to popular belief, this could be a sign of enjoyment and enthusiasm.

Enjoying implies reaching the expected score in a relaxed way, with fun, and not concerned about whether the result is right or wrong.

In order to take joy in the match needs you to be present and fight for it. So, you will feel the pleasant feeling of the adrenaline.

Pleasure depends on your ability to connect to your potential opportunities. Therefore by focusing on the result, you will only desperate and torture yourself.

If you want to sustain your performance over time, you have to win and enjoy at the same time. Children are a good example of what we are saying because while they are playing, they are enjoying it.

The enjoyment of this sport brings you satisfaction and stability. Not having a good time, not only impacts on the game, but also gives you a less desire to play. This will affect you and your way of playing in the long term. If we can enjoy, the goal is accomplished, but also, our performance receives a lubricant that makes it look natural and straightforward.

Training time is the key to everything because if you do not enjoy that time, you won´t be able to be comfortable in the game.

You do not have to forget that you also have to enjoy and take care of the relationship between you and your team.

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