The encouragement is a high potential tool when it is appropriately used, and impact on the golfer’s mental state and performance. The right and well-intentioned encouragement transform the golfers, give them recognition and motivation.

On the other hand, when this motivation is encouraged in excess leaves the player in a state of emotional instability. This instability weakens the player so much that they collapse after the first mistake or opponent’s goal.

Overwhelmed become vulnerable and breaks down at the slightest failure, not understanding the rhythm of own emotions.

To begin over-excitement is an incorrect management of the mental energy, because you will not be at this level during the eighteen holes, and this fosters your instability. Euphoria is proportional to the potential error and defeats frustration. It hides the fear of not being able to perform well.

Motivation emotionally based is intense and generates a quick stimulation, but not stable and enduring as the one that it is based on confident and relaxed trust. The superficial and fluctuating emotions leave the golfer in a precarious mental state. But only the stable conviction allows them to control the game.

It is not the same to encourage with a “go ahead!” or with a “let’s go”. The first one is an external demand while the second one is a real encouragement that makes the player feel recognized and not judged.

The ways of speaking shows the motivational style. It could be clear and transmit confidence and calmness, or uncontrolled, generating nervously, confusion and despair, losing the idea of the message. This situation is typical of those that demand results.

Good intentions are not enough. It is necessary to understand that the words that are used will have an impact on the mental state of the player.

The harangue is an aggressive speech, at high volume, which lengthens the words to search for a reaction in the player. The coaches and the players often use the harangue to compensate the lack of confidence.

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