The performance has an intelligence, which must be developed, not that everything is achieved by the desire to win. Intelligence is the ability to develop a plan.

What is known and seen as attitude or heart is the most passionate and external aspect of the mental. The passion and the rationale must be in harmony. Too much passion and little rationality leads to problems.

Either intelligence directs emotions or emotions direct intelligence. Being mature is when our intelligence handles our emotions, not the opposite.

The feelings and emotions are the results of ideas that are located in the bottom of the mind, and because of this, the mental picture is complex. These underlying ideas create the behavior that we can perceive through emotions. If we want to change what we can perceive, those ideas have to be modified.

Emotions are the most volatile content of the mind while convictions are the most stable. However, the first ones sustain the second ones. It is necessary to talk, discover and work with emotions. Knowing which emotions trigger specific thoughts and behaviors allows deconstructing the negative emotions. The low emotional the players are, the more stable too.

There is a big difference between contemplating things as “how they are” and “how they are supposed to be”. Focusing on the first one allows you to understand and guide them. Meanwhile focusing on the second one guides you to what it is missing.

It is not about not having a potential horizon to reach, but to accept reality as it is, as a starting point.

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