The Retirement of the Sportsman


There comes a time when the cycle of professional sports comes to an end, slowly the body no longer has the strength or youth of before and it is time to think about taking a step to the side. This transition is not easy because it is necessary to process the mourning of the time dedicated to the sport to dedicate them to other activities, whether productive or leisure.

All the security they found in sports generates a vacuum when facing new challenges, they do not feel confident to develop other activities because they never did them, they feel that they can not do them, or that they can not do them, that It is empowered because before if he knew and could do something very well, also the life of the athlete is very intense.

The future ex-athlete should not remain alone, but generate a network that allows him to connect and reinvent himself to process that grief, and not to fall into depression, or in the denial of his new reality.

His mental strength and how he is advised will allow him to start new challenges with the same adrenaline with which he faced his sport. Surely your work is going to be more mental than physical, and you will quickly recover your confidence as you apply your tenacity and discipline to the new activity, where you will develop new skills and you will feel full again.


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