Detect what affects your performance


Sometimes, players feel lost and fail to reflect on what generates a conflict or what is affecting their performance. Sometimes they can not realize how they are in relation to their game. Detecting what affects performance is important to be able to put the full potential of the player into play.

“How will I know what I do not know, I could not know where to start?”

This phrase tries to put into words what a player feels when he does not know where he stands in relation to his game. An athlete who is in a situation like this may want to solve their performance problems by improving their technique.

Striving technically does not always improve performance

If you know you have the potential but you can not capture it in the game and you put too much energy in the technical aspects, you should start thinking about the mental aspects that are what allow your technique to be put into play or not.

If you do not stop taking classes and watch videos to improve your technique, or even change coaches very often without being able to improve your performance, it is time for you to look for a sports psychologist.

Not only does it help you not feel bad but also to unlock what is preventing your technique from being put into play.

Not everything that happens to you is detected at a glance

When you get angry, it’s a manifest situation, everyone sees you wrong and you also realize that something is not right. But there are also small moments of tension, anxiety, doubt, fear, or even minimal excesses of relaxation that affect you in movement and technique.

The psychologist helps you to detect when you are angry, tense, or when you are doubting, or too relaxed. The psychologist sees the totality of your mental functioning and allows you to improve.

How to begin to understand what affects your performance

The first thing is to start generating spaces for reflection, after each training or competition or at some time during the day.

Ask yourself how you feel, how are you, what do you expect from your game. From here you can begin to clarify where you are standing to start working.

Rafa Beltrán


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