The focus on the goal arises in a healthy and natural way, the discipline.

Concentration is paying attention to the present, focus all the energy on what you are doing.

By being present and focused on your own body, the context is under control. The one, who cannot concentrate, needs to control everything.

Concentration is felling in the body and its natural movements.

Concentration needs calm, therefore you cannot be focused if you are too excited.

The zone is the ultimate concentration level, where the player, the club, the ball, the field and the hole are one. If you can smile, shout, celebrate a great shot, joke or applaud the opponent and maintain your concentration level, then you arrived

Being focused, the only who exists is you. The other ones can do anything, try to bother or upset you, it does not matter.

The less things to focus, the more concentration can be achieved. For deep concentration it is necessary to avoid distractions, eliminating unnecessary variables.

Concentration is a skill; it must be learnt and developed, it is not a desire. Thus it needs a personal strategy. Each personality gets focus in their way.

The concentration requires relaxation, enjoyment, and confidence. Fear of losing, claims, objections, anger and excuses, constitute excuses for the lack of concentration. Being aware of negative thoughts before, during and after the execution impacts on the concentration ability.

Anger is a threat to concentration, but also a sign that the level of attention is low.

The focus is measured in hard and pressure situations, either if you did something right and or something wrong. Results alter the concentration, no matter you lose or win , so, inadvertent errors may appear for this reason. Results are urgent but being focused is important.

There is always the possibility of focusing a little more. The expectation of improving the focus capacity shows the valuation of the mental aspect.

Those who began to practice sports at an early age can play freely. They can quickly and efficiently obtain deep levels of concentration because learning has already been internalized.

The coach can influence the concentration that the player has, but during the competition, it is a player’s task.

Arriving ahead of time to the game is essential because the player needs time to prepare, to watch the place and adapt to it. If they can´t, they can get into a bad mood.

Concentrating before the game requires knowing the mental player dynamic and how to manage his time. Each player is different and needs a different time.

Evolved players, who know how to handle time and the anxiety within it, can afford to arrive earlier to the golf field. This way, these kinds of players could wisely make the most of this gained time to focus and concentrate. On the contrary, beginners or players who do not know how to manage so, could get even more nervous. Therefore they should arrive just in time.

The game produces false opportunities, which are obstacles for the concentration that tempt players to take advantage of them. The challenge is keeping in the own plan without thinking in results or opportunities temptations.

The team concentration is the result of player’s focus. If a player suffers from lack attention, the whole team will diminish their concentration.


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