How do you manage your nerves?


To begin to calm down, first you have to bond with the nerves we are feeling in that particular situation, which can be many or few. These nerves are like a baby that cries and that to calm down needs to be gently stroked. It is useless to pretend that the baby is calm because his cry will hold our attention more strongly. In the same way, it is not the same to pretend that one is calm than to be really in harmony.

Sometimes we cover our nerves with attitude. We believe that with the claw we can overcome our state of fear, of tension. So, we pretend to convince ourselves that we are well, and in reality we are not. We started playing “as if we were” calm, and in reality we are not. Of course, as soon as the game starts, those nerves that were covered. They are reflected in the performance and things do not go as expected because it turns out that we were not calm. It ends up being worse, as it usually happens with all things denied. Seeing us nervous, when we thought we were calm, we were much more frightened than if we faced the nerves of entrance.

To fear and nerves, you have to accept them, look them in the face. To calm down we must get in touch with those nerves until they subside and calm down.


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