Offensive Golf … the “Killer”


We can see and recognize talented athletes. Impeccable shots and memorable goals. But not all are killers, murderers of the game. The horse that wins a race and falls dead for not having measured his effort is a good example of the killer’s attitude.

  1. Killers kill in their head. What really happens is an anecdote, it runs in their minds. In the field of their head are serial killers
  2. The killer attacks for his conviction of power
  3. Killers play by releasing their impulse and originality
  4. No one who looks at the result or other opinions can be a killer. For the killer’s perspective, the one who wants to win is a coward, a weak one. By separating the action from the result, the killer gives his maximum, in any shot, in any place and at any time of the game
  5. It does not act to win, but to attack. The killer does not feel the demand of the target but of the action, which is the basis of his determination.
  6. He who is not a killer prefers to leave before fighting against him and risking losing.
  7. The game is an excuse to risk everything
  8. A lost shot does not affect the killer. Because when you make a mistake and immediately want to recover it in the next shot, you take an unnecessary risk.
  9. The killer keeps the cold mind to perform his best effort with the greatest pressure
  10. The chance? It does not belong to the philosophy of the killer
  11. The killer never denies the mental. He knows that doing it is a failed way to deny doubt and uncertainty, and one must go through the arduous path of solving uncertainty
  12. Being a killer is a mental state of certainty. No doubts
  13. The killer experiences himself as a machine, for having no more expectations than to attack and act. It is a sensitive machine.
  14. The anger of the killer is positive because he channels it well: he gets angry when he attacks. In other words, it is aggression within the attack.
  15. A killer does not regret what has already happened. Instead, the frustrated player repents and becomes frustrated when his expectations crash. Strictly speaking, a regular player is frustrated by his impotence.
  16. His mental preparation combines the development and learning of technique, autonomy, judgment, aggression, vision and creativity.
  17. In general, players handle psychological problems that focus on restricting and reducing expectations. Luckily, the killers did not let themselves be helped that way and nobody put out their sacred fire.

Tiger, the killer of golf

Tiger Woods may not play as well in the difficult holes, but it is his characteristic of killer playing all the holes equally, he is not affected by the result. For those who look at the result, there are shots that are worth more than others. On the other hand, for the murderer all the shots are the same.
When the killer strikes, all his focus is on the hit: the orientation of the hole is in his mind like a horizon, but all the energy is in the impact. The action is more relevant than the results. It does not value the triumph, but the experience of the attack.



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