Attitude in Sport


How many times have we heard that a player lacks attitude, or that to win a competition or achieve better results you need to have a bit more attitude?

If we are facing a player who, at the time of going out to play, lacks attitude, we find a conflict. But when a player bases his game only on having an attitude, it’s not all that good either.

Attitude can become a problem

Attitude can become a problem, when it is the result of an exacerbated voluntarism. What I mean by this?

That sometimes, the players go out to the court however, being supported by an internal force that covers emotions through denial. The player decides not to see what is happening to him and, therefore, does not recognize his emotions so as not to face them.

It is better not to use the attitude to cover what is wrong

It may happen that the idea of covering emotions with attitude works for a while. Even during that time, the player can have good results. However, it is likely that this will only last for a while and then everything that hid under the carpet will begin to appear again and affect performance.

When what affects you overflows, you will not be able to cover it with attitude, that attitude will not be enough anymore. So, to improve your performance, it is going to be necessary for you to identify what happens to you in order to handle it.


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